Wallow&Root are now renting almost 5 acres of land on the side of Godolphin Hill. We are starting a “no dig” market garden to increase the range of veg available to add to our boxes. We will be using organic principles and are looking into getting the land registered with an organic certification scheme.

No dig farming is part of the regenerative agriculture (permaculture) movement. The philosophy behind regenerative agriculture is to leave the land in a better state than you got it. We will grow all our veg without using any chemicals by adding compost and manure to the land. Our first job is shift tonnes of cow manure. This is put on the field without digging or spraying the grass. The thick manure will not only feed the crops that we are growing but also kill off the grass and weeds. By not digging the ground we leave micro-organisms, fungi and worms undisturbed so they can carry on feeding the soil.

We are always looking for willing volunteers so if you have a few minutes and would like to help us on the land please contact us.

The start of our no dig journey. Lots of manure needs to be added to the land to make the beds.

If you want more information on no dig and regenerative agriculture then Charles Dowding is the font of all knowledge in the UK.