Minimising our impact on the environment is one of the driving factors for starting Wallow&Root. We aim to use as little plastic as possible, we reuse everything that we can and recycle when things can’t be reused. All the eggs boxes can be returned to us for reuse and the egg trays are returned to the farmer. Any plastic that your veg comes in can be reused by you, or returned to us for reuse/recycling.

With the Wallow&Root Market Garden producing more veg we are looking at our packaging and how to avoid plastic. We now have home compostable “plastic” bags which all the Wallow&Root Market Garden produce will go in. These can either be added to your compost heap or returned to us for composting. Please do not add these to plastic recycling. We are also looking at the labels to ensure that these are biodegradable. (We would recommend that you take your salad leaves out of the bags and pout them in tupperware as the leaves dry out more quickly in the bags than they will in plastic.)

Just a note of caution – lots of “compostable” packaging complies with BS EN 13432. Whilst this is a vast improvement on using true plastic the standard only looks at commercial composting, e.g. Council brown waste, and not at home composting. If you have a compostable coffee cup lid and put it in your home compost it will probably not break down completely because small heaps tend not to get hot enough. Our bags will be certified for lower temperature, smaller heaps.

At the Wallow&Root Market Garden we are minimising plastic use by using compostable plant pots. The pots are not plastic but made of fibre and we we out these with the plants directly into the ground.