Wallow&Root is a family run business based near Tregonning and Godolphin Hills in Cornwall between Helston and Penzance. We started the business to deliver the type of food that we like to eat. We supply local meat and veg, with low food miles and as little plastic as possible. We collect our veg directly from the farms guaranteeing the freshest produce. All the farms are between Helston and Gulval, less than 10 miles from the Wallow&Root HQ.

As this is a family business you will see that our kids get involved. Sometimes with the deliveries and collecting the veg (although this has to include buy sweets!), sometimes with helping in our market garden and sometimes “helping” picking apples. We involve the girls as much as possible so they get a good understanding of where our food comes from and what is involved in its production and the true cost of our food.

The Name

We often get asked where the name Wallow&Root came from as it is unusual. Before we left Bristol to move to Cornwall we had some pigs which we couldn’t bring with us. To help sell the pork Bridget came up with the name “Wallow, root and snuffle” and we used this to advertise the pork around the University of Bristol. When we needed a name for our new business in Cornwall it made sense, and saved time!, to use the same, although slightly shortened, name and Wallow&Root was born.