Our story begins in 2010 with the arrival of four Gloucester Old Spot piglets to our small farmstead. We loved those little piggies and they taught us valuable lessons about the value of our food, the life it has had and how it has found its way onto our plates. We found that the best way to keep those beautiful little piggies happy, apart from a good belly scratch and having a muddy Wellington boot to chew on was having lots of lovely fresh pasture in which to Wallow&Root and plenty of good, wholesome food kindly supplied by a local Organic Market Garden.

When our little pigs were fat enough we took them down the road (with very heavy hearts) and came back with the most wonderful pork that we had ever had the pleasure of tasting. It was honestly so tender and full of flavour – like nothing we had ever tasted from the supermarket. It opened our eyes to how food can and should be produced. And all it takes is a simple life.

And so a passion for sustainable agriculture and good, wholesome locally produced food was born. Wallow&Root was founded with the belief that everyone should have access to good, locally produced food. Our aim is to connect local people with local food.

We are very lucky in Cornwall to have a unique climate with mild, relatively frost-free winters, early springs and plenty of rain and sunshine. This helps to create lush pasture all year round meaning Cornish cattle and sheep can be raised on natural grass-fed diets. It is because of this that Cornwall can produce delicious, world-famous clotted cream and ice-cream and over 50 varieties of cheese.

Farming has always been an important part of Cornish tradition and it is these practices that have helped to shape the land that we know and love. Cornwall is a patchwork of varied landscapes so farming to suit the land is important. Wallow&Root help provide that all important connection between the land and its people, we have a network of growers from all over West Cornwall and beyond from whom we source our produce. We also produce our own crops on our land using regenerative agriculture and organic growing methods, working in harmony with nature rather than against it.

We deliver on Tuesdays and Fridays from Pendeen to Truro and everywhere in between. Special requests always considered, just ask. Delivery